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Floor standing humidifier

Floor standing humidifier

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Floor standing humidifier helps you elevate your space.
Mega Mist Power: Immerse large spaces in a refreshing mist with an impressive 300ml/h output.

Remote Command Center: Command relaxation from anywhere with convenient remote control.

Dual Functionality: Effortlessly switch between floor-standing elegance and desktop charm for an all-encompassing experience.

Mega Capacity Bliss: Enjoy extended aromatic bliss with a generous 5L tank.

Advanced Air Purity: Embrace freshness with silver ion antibacterial tech and multi-filter purification.

Dynamic Display Mastery: Stay informed and in control with a vibrant digital display.

Seasonal Mist Control: Tailor your mist experience with adjustable levels suitable for every season.

Adaptable Heights: Choose from a lofty 110cm for floor use or a chic 52cm for your desktop oasis.

Transform your space, transform your lifestyle! 🌿✨

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