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How to Care for Bouquet of Flowers: Fresh & Artificial Tips

Caring for Fresh Flowers

1.Selecting Fresh Blooms: Choose flowers with unopened buds for a longer lifespan at home.

Opting for Unopened Flowers: For easier care, consider selecting flowers that are not fully opened.

2.Clean Vase: Use a clean vase and wash it thoroughly when changing water to prevent bacterial growth.

3.Stem Trimming: Trim stems at a 45-degree angle before placing them in water for better absorption.

4.Floral Needs: Different flowers have specific requirements. For instance, tulips prefer cooler environments, while lilies need ample water.

5.Floral Preservation: Enhance longevity and vibrancy by adding floral preservative to water.

6.Avoid Temperature Fluctuations: Changes or extreme temperatures can harm flowers.

7.Regular Water Changes: Change vase water every two days and trim stems for proper absorption.

8.Prevent Foliage in Water: Avoid leaves touching water to reduce bacterial growth.

9.Draft Avoidance: Keep flowers away from drafts to prevent dehydration.

10.Nighttime Care: Store flowers in a cooler area overnight to retain freshness.

Preserving Artificial Arrangements

1.Proper Placement: Keep artificial arrangements out of direct sunlight to preserve color and material quality.

2.Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft brush or low hairdryer setting to maintain artificial flowers' appearance.

3.Moisture Protection: Keep artificial arrangements away from high humidity to protect materials and colors.

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